How Zionists Conquered the World

This is a great Article about how Rothschild family bankers and their Zionist framework conquered the world

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Wikileaks News

Julian Assange and Wikileaks recently said they will be releasing the Bank of America Documents and the Swiss Bank Documents together next week. Julian Assange also talked briefly about the wikileaks insurance file and he dispelled some rumors about the nature of the wikileaks ufo documents.

Wikileaks News
Wikileaks Bank of America Release
Wikileaks ufo
Wikileaks News
Wikileaks insurance news
Wikileaks insurance
ufo wikileaks

Justin Bieber’s New Movie Trailer!


Everyone has been looking for this Justin Bieber Movie Trailer. The rumor that a Justin Bieber Movie was coming out has made his fan base fanatical.  Justin Bieber in a Movie is every 14-18 year old girl’s long awaited dream and it is soon to become true.

Now that it is confirmed that that Justin Bieber will be in a Movie you can be guaranteed that we will be the place to come to see trailers and eventually the release!

Watch the Trailer Here!